The Story So Far

We begin our tale in the town of Waterdeep. It is here that we meet the striking figure of a town guard named Valmore. Due to his valor in service to the town he is chosen to travel with a merchants caravan to the town of Loudwater as part of the caravan’s protection detail. The caravan is set to travel the Delimber road along the Delimber river for a little over two weeks.

Traveling with the caravan, Valmore spends much of the first two weeks observing those that he’s traveling with including two travel-weary dwarves, a jovial elderly man in white robes with a crescent tipped staff, 8 unkempt and crude commoner human men, 5 mercenaries from the Ironshield group, and a large muscular woman that Valmore believed to be mostly human who carried a battle-scarred glave.

The dwarves kept to themselves and the mercenaries of Ironshield always gathered together during stops along the way, so the most conversation to be had on the trail was with the Wagonmaster, Kelth, and the man in the robes: Almine, was his name.

The man’s age was deceptive, as Valmore spoke to him and his strong clear voice showed the inner strength within the man. He introduced himself as a priest of the Order of Selune who was sent to spread the word of the Goddess in Loudwater. Although the man seemed warm and welcoming, one never stops being a guard and Valmore made sure to keep the conversations casual.

The most he got out of the large woman was that her name was Zula, and she appeared to be half orc.

It wasn’t until the 15th day that there was anything amiss along the Delimber road. The caravan had reached a dense patch of forest and directly ahead there were 2 horses loosely tied to the side of road and 2 men that appeared to be having difficulty with something inside a coarsely woven net. What appeared to be a man was struggling to get free while one of his captors picked up a log with the intention of beating him into submission. Upon seeing the caravan round the corner in the road, the two men dropped their net and their log and attempted to flee.

Valmore, at the lead of the caravan at the time, spurred his horse into action as Zula followed on foot to free the man in the net. Upon cutting him free she determined him to be a drow and the drow was angry.

Zula and the newly freed drow quickly leapt onto the two horses left behind and picked up pursuit behind Valmore to chase the men down. Valmore, upon cresting the hill, saw one of the two men lagging behind, and the other running straight for a wagon by the river that appeared to be unloading cargo into a boat. Valmore passed the lagging man to pursue the other. The man lagging thought he may have lucked out, until he was viciously tackled from behind by a flying leap of Zula off of her steed.

A fight ensued as the 4 men unloading the wagon took up arms against the three caravan travelers. But it appeared that Valmore and Zula were not alone in being seasoned in battle as the drow held his own in the fight and the men were quickly subdued.

Of the 6 barrels that were being loaded from the wagon to the boat, 2 were found to hold foodstuffs while the remaining 4 contained children slaves. Valmore, Zula, and the drow, who introduced himself as Resnor, questioned the leader of the men on what his plans are with the children. He spoke of taking the shipment of children to the ruins of Zelbross, a day’s journey down the river, and that his boss, Nor, would be waiting to receive it.

Gareth, the leader of the slavers, was unceremoniously locked in one of the barrels and taken with the caravan to Loudwater where he was presented to Captain Harrowleaf, the elven leader of the town guards. After hearing the story of the children and the slavers, he commissions Valmore as an investigator into these horrible dealings and sends men to return the children to their homes. He tells Valmore, and his companions Zula and Resnor, that he will present their findings to Lady Moonfire, the head of the town council and will seek her guidance.

That evening, Valmore and Zula head to the docks where the seedier of the denizens of Loudwater had a tendency to gether, and found themselves at the Fisherman’s Friend, a bar of ill repute in the dock quadrant. Zula attempted to solicit information from the barkeep while Valmore found a rough-looking dwarf at the bar. He bought him a drink and tells him that he needs work and that he’s looking for a man named Gareth, as he heard there was work in his gang. The dwarf, Karzon Kull, agreed to meet him in the next few days.

Weary from travel and disappointed at their lack of information, our three heroes took up rooms at the Green Tankard for the evening.

Also at the Green Tankard, we find 3 very strange traveling companions: A Genasi druid, a Tiefling ranger, and a Shifter seeker trudging up the stairs to their rooms. All three had traveled many days through the woods from varying locations, all following a strange sensation that something was wrong with the world and each relying on instinct that told them it was in the west.

The three travelers spend days following tracks through the woods, each convinced that they were being followed, until they stumbled upon each other and found that their travels were along the same path and that they all followed the same sense of foreboding from the west.

It was shortly after their meeting that they came upon 3 elves being terrorized by two frost wolves in the forest. After doing battle with the two beasts, they found one elf dead and the other two badly injured. Before they could help either one, though, the sky turned dark and the three looked up to see a sky filled with frost ravens . . . and they were preparing to dive.

Throwing the elves on their backs and carrying them between them, they managed to get them across the river where the frost ravens immediately turned tail and fled to the west.

The grateful elves then met their saviors; the Shifter Ember, the Tiefling Persephone, and the Genasi Nara-Lina. They gave them a slip of woven material with a symbol written upon it. They said it would safely show them into their borders and would mark them as friends of the elves.

They revealed that they were a scouting party, sent to find the source of the unseasonable cold that had been creeping upon the land. They had heard that the source was in the Direwoods, to the west and south of their people. It was along their mission that they were beset by the frost wolves.

The girls asked if the elves would be alright on the journey home and they were appeased by the elves seeming recovery. They each promised to let the others know if they found any pertinent information on the source of the cold and parted ways. The travelers decided to stick together and found a town nearby, the town of Loudwater, and it is there they spent a night in recovery of the weariness of their journey.
h2. Campaign Overview

Game Rules and Assumptions

Even the Sky Shall Burn

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